Have your Lifting Devices inspected by the professionals!

Our Inspection Checks, Engineering Reports and Annual Inspection Decals assure Ministry of Labour Officials that you are doing your part to keep workers safe.


Crane Repairs

Bridge Crane Gantry

Scissor Lift Repairs

Zoom Boom Repairs

Zoom Boom

Car Hoists

Block Booms

Drywall Booms

Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck Crane Bearings

Hydraulic Controls


Personal Lifting Devices

Remote Control / Panels

Hydraulic Wheel Motors

Zoom Boom Bearings

Cylinder Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Lattice Boom Repairs

Certified Welding Repairs

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The Crane Tech Inspection Advantage

  • Up to Date Information
  • OHSA Compliant
  • Checklists are for the device inspected (easy to read)
  • Annual Inspection Decals quickly identify inspected equipment
  • MOL recognizes that you comply

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