Great Techniques that introduce your new hires to Crane Safety

crane safety training
Here are some great techniques to introduce your new hires to crane safety. You know how important it is to have crane safety in your teams and on the floor in your shops. Just to elaborate so we are on the same page, “New hire” workers are considered your recent hired people added to your team. Ideally and often, these workers come with good skills. Potentially been in the industry, working with lifting equipment for a while. Some of them have previous crane operating skills too. We want these skilled workers to become ‘Q’ Qualified Crane Operators. Safety and Productivity are successfully blended when;
  1. All Crane Operators are taught the same set of “House Rules” to communicate
  2. These rules are passed on to each other and reinforced by supervisors.
  3. You introduce your new hires to crane safety out of the gate
  4. You use our services, here at Crane Tech to teach your crane operators the good habits you want reinforced.
We train workers all the time and even have companies we work with that retain us to train all their new hires. Your new hires will hugely benefit this service. We also teach consistent safe lifting techniques and we focus on safety lifting your products in your environment. We would love to be able to do that for you too! Contact us today.