Paint Matching

When Crane Tech Services works on your equipment, we ensure we are matching the paint perfectly to make it look fresh and new!   Did you know that paint is a very important part of the inspection process?   Short of the body shop, there are few inspection services that work so hard at paint matching like we do!   Paint actually extends the life of your equipment. On top of that, matching paint maintains your strong company image.   We are the caretakers of your equipment every year.   Our team isn’t afraid of painting and restoring heavy equipment back into serviceable condition.   Examples of equipment and customers that our technicians have painted after major repairs are: Phoenix – Barrie – Heila 170 Maple Roofing – Vaughn – Heila 360 Westwood Rinks – Etobicoke – Genie Z45 – 22 King City Containers – Alliston – Taylor 50 Ton Container Handler.   Often a localized paint job will help your equipment last beyond normal cycles. The secret is to spend the time to match the colour!   At Crane Tech we save you money.   Using Crane Tech keeps your workers safe.   If you are in the Barrie, Newmarket, Huntsville, Peterborough and Toronto areas give us a call.   We inspect cranes, auto hoists, elevating lift platforms, bridge cranes to name but a few.   Remember that the Crane Tech Inspection team can conveniently inspect all of your lifting equipment at the same time. One call for all of your lifting equipment!   Crane Tech inspects and maintains your Hoist Lifting Equipment.  See us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, visit our website, or call us today for more information!   We know your equipment best!