Why Use a Superior Lubrication

Boom Lubricant
Why use a superior lubrication for your boom trucks? Because the right lubricant for sliding sections is critical! Many of our customers in Barrie, invest between 350k and 485k on a good knuckle boom. So why let it ware out with a bad quality lubricant? Do you know there is actually a difference between lubricants? Most people don’t, lets talk about it. Generic boom lubrications:
  • Less water resistant
  • Restricted to low temperatures
  • Weld loads are smaller
Calcium Sulfonate Grease (Lube-A-Boom):
  • Performance under extreme pressures
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Built-in rust prevention
  • Effective at higher temperatures
Most importantly, Lube-A-Boom is developed with Crane Operators in mind. This spray on product combines ease of application and “purpose built” chemistry to enhance the life of “plastic”. This all starts with ease of application. Lube-A-Boom can be used as far as an 8 foot distance, resulting in no more ladders! Also note that Lube-A-Boom has the perfect amount of “sticking” qualities not to mention superior lubricity. Finally, the synthetic additives combined with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid material which results in a friction free surface. Lets just hit this home… why use a superior lubrication? Lube-A-Boom extends the life of slides, protects steel surfaces, and welds are not “worn out” due to pre mature slide failure. What more could you ask for? Give Crane Tech a call today to pick up a case of this economized lubricant!