3 Things to Consider when selecting an Electric Hoist Cranes

Electrical Hoist Cranes
Electrical Hoist Cranes can be a great addition to your warehouse. They are selected and preferred over pneumatic for most general lifting applications. Here are 3 things to consider to when choosing your Electric Hoist Cranes
  1. Load Capacity – you need to consider your max load. Also keep in mind not picking a larger load capacity than required as well. The options are usually in 1/2 ton, 1 ton and 2 ton increments.
  2. Selecting your Voltage Power – There are numerous types of voltage power available, 120V single phase, 220V single phase and 3 phase, lastly there is 575V 3 phase. The best selection is the 575V 3 phase. Why is it the best? Because the Amp is low, the motor runs cooler and they tend to last longer. Meaning they are better value for your dollar and have more longevity.
  3. The Speed of Lifting – Consideration for speed can a singular speed or a 2 speed. Depending on the types of jobs, having some flexibility in speeds might be more beneficial. However remembering that safety comes first and sometimes we might lean into going fast over safety. An ideal speed selection is 4 FPM (feet per min) for slower speeds. If you are running a faster pace, anywhere betters 12-24 FPM will due. Nothing faster.
If you are considering purchasing an Electrical Hoist Cranes for your workplace, we can help. We have a ton of knowledge, can install them and of course inspect/repair them as well. We are always here to help!