Let’s save you money!

bridge crane let's save you money
Let’s save you money! I just want to tell you a story today about one of our customers. As you know we are the lifting experts. We inspect cranes everyday. So listen to this advice so we can save you money! While on a service call, I noticed a very simple issue. A garage door rail looked like it would “clip” a bridge crane. Even though I had a long day, I would stay on site to remove it. (of course provided that the door way was cleared) The worker on site said to me “we never go down there”. So the door way was never cleared and the little fix I could preformed was not done. 8 months later on May 30, 2022 I get the call that indeed they do go down there and someone clipped the garage door rail, which then damaged the crane. So instead of a small fix 8 months later, it now cost the owner $3,500 in parts, 1 week delay because the crane couldn’t be used and $3,000 in labor. Ouch. So if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, just know we always have your back. Your safety is our priority but we are also looking out for your expenses too. We love to save you money.