We bring our own scissor lift to inspections!

Did you know that Crane Tech Services can bring their own scissor lift to your location in GTA? Have you ever had the hassle of trying to rent a scissor lift? You then get one and you coordinate the technicians and then the lift doesn’t show up on time. You then are stuck. Or how about you can’t rent one the day you need it? Or you have to rent one in Mississauga or Orangeville and can’t get one locally? Here at Crane Tech Solutions, we created a solution. For our clients we can bring our own on site with us. We can use them in your lift inspections but also for your crane repairs. We created a custom-made trailer to tow it. The rental fee for you is super inexpensive compared to paying deliver fees, drop off’s and rental prices. Also there aren’t any wait times. We maintain the safety of our lifting equipment too, so you know that it’s safe to use on site in your facility. We follow safety protocol and we are responsible for the lift maintenance. All and all it’s a great asset for you. Also, we can leave the scissor on site if needed to do repairs. If not we take it with us when we leave your inspection. We save you that space of trying to figure out where to put it. You can also be assured it will it be picked up on time. One of the great things about all this…  our customers can get immediate repairs if needed, they save money on rental costs and can be ensured that safety is always a priority. What a win win. Curious as to how we inspect scissor lifts? Click here for details