Why you should get a remote for your Bridge Cranes?

How remotes can create more safety for your employees while using bridge cranes

Why you should get a remote for your Bridge Cranes?

Remote controls for Bridge Cranes are a really good way to improve safety for your workers.

Safety is always our number priority.

Safety for your workers is the main advantage for using remote controls. But there’s more…

Recently we were contacted by York Excavating (York 1) to install a remote on a their Bridge Crane in Bay #1 West, Toronto Ontario. The mechanics loved it so much that we are converting another two Bridge Cranes from Pendants to remotes.

When discussing remotes, customers often see only costs.

After a period of about 6 months that cost is recovered because of improved productivity.

When we are also discussing remotes, you must remember the savings in product damage due to improvements in operator sight lines.

A remote will signal a long way. This keeps your workers safe from pinch points, tripping hazards and they can locate themselves in the best positions in order to see the loads.

In several industries that I know of, operators were able to warn each other, thereby preventing a critical injury due to unforeseen hazards. This  is a big advantage over a pendant due to longer distances and better safety sight lines.

Lately in the General Toronto Area and in the Simcoe Region of Ontario, more companies are turning to us to switch in these remotes for more safety and more productivity with their teams. We are gladly there to support.

At Crane Tech we save you money.

Using Crane Tech keeps your workers safe.

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