2 Post Hoists

Did you know that 2 Post Hoists are the most common type of car and truck lifting device? Well they are and Crane Tech Services is proud to offer annual inspections and services for your automotive hoist! Our service gives you piece of mind that your mechanic is safe underneath his hoist. To explain what these hoists do, 2 post hoists are designed to lift vehicles to remove tires and access the underside of a car or truck to repair or replace parts that are worn out or damaged. They are are used to replace exhaust or to simply lift cars for the comfort of access. Some common brands for these hoists are brands such as, Rotary, Forward, Challenger, Mohawk, PKS, Hydralift, to name a few. These two post hoists can also come in load ranges as high as 20 Tons (40,000 Lbs.). Some examples of equipment that we have replaced for these hoists are, power packs, cables, arm restraints and Equilizer Cables, and Adapter Pads. We have also replaced safety lock positioning pins and components as well but to name some equipment. A common way that mechanics save money is by cleaning and lubricating hoists when they are not busy repairing vehicles. This saves them money due to unnecessary and preventative repairs and maintenance. Crane Tech Services will service your hoist during inspections by lubricating, servicing arms, and lubricating the many locations where brine and salt attack. We also check Equalizer cables for wire breaks, limit switches are checked and adjusted for proper operation, safety pawls that lock the hoist into position are lubricated and checked, and pumps and electric motors are checked. That way you can be sure they operate properly during your busy times! Remember that the Crane Tech Inspection team can conveniently inspect all of your lifting equipment at the same time. Just one call for all of your lifting equipment! Crane Tech Services inspects and maintains your Automotive Hoist Lifting Equipment. Call us today, find us on Instagram, and visit our website today! We know your equipment the best!