Happy Holidays from the Crane Tech Team!

Happy Holidays from the Crane Tech team! It feels like the holidays come faster every year. Over at Crane Tech Services of Simcoe County, we have been busy as ever with Inspections, Training & Repairs. As usual, we are fully booked until the New Year, completing full facility inspections during their shutdowns – this allows us the ease of maneuvering through the facilities to inspect, while not having to occupy a unit that would typically be in use. It’s a win-win! Recently, we trained a large group on Industrial Crane Safety Training and 0-8 Ton Boom Truck Training. Since their road crew are back starting Monday of this week, we were able to get a large group trained up at once – another win-win! Here at our shop, our crew has been hard at work removing & reinstalling a Crane Arm on a service vehicle, as well as welding repairs to a boom truck docking station. To sum up, it has been a season full of wins, work, and welcomed pop ins by some of our customers & suppliers. We wouldn’t have it any other way! A big thank you from our owner Dave & the Crane Tech team! Have a happy and safe holiday season!