Mobile Column Lifts

Welcome to the last of our blogs on Auto Hoists and Truck Lifts. Our last topic is Mobile Column Lifts. Mobile column lifts are individual units that are moved into position by the mechanic to lift the truck by the wheels. Generally, after lifted, stands are placed under the vehicle to assure mechanic safety. The […]

Happy Holidays from the Crane Tech Team!

Happy Holidays from the Crane Tech team! It feels like the holidays come faster every year. Over at Crane Tech Services of Simcoe County, we have been busy as ever with Inspections, Training & Repairs. As usual, we are fully booked until the New Year, completing full facility inspections during their shutdowns – this allows us […]

Automotive Hoists

Have you heard that Crane Tech Services inspects and repairs all types of Automotive Hoists!? Auto mechanics are the heroes we trust to keep our cars and trucks operating properly. Crane Tech Services helps to support mechanics by inspecting and repairing Automotive Hoists that lift these vehicles. There are actually so many types of Automotive […]