Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes can be highly technical so lets try to better explain them! Below is a list of some select terms that our technicians use when speaking with customers and workers:
  • “Crabbing” is when one bridge crane end truck lags behind the other. This can be from a wheel to rail pinch contact condition, a brake condition, a wheel bearing issue, or a motor issue.
  • “Bending” in steel is when the steel exceeds its resistance elastic limit and deforms to an undesirable shape.
  • “Shear” in steel occurs when parts are mechanically stressed beyond their strength and fail.
  • “Stress” in steel, at least when I use it for cranes, is a combination of bending and shear. Stress is caused by overloading.
  • “Rotation” is the safe and intended motion that a worker initiates to access an opposite face of the object. Rotation is frequently used in fabrication to access and weld an opposite face.
  • “Hand off” is a term that our technicians use to explain rotation of a weldment. It is the exact moment when the intended change in center of balance loads a second set of chains to safely complete rotation.
  • “Flip” is a term generally accepted in the industry as rotation. Our technicians use it in safety training as an undesired motion causing uncontrollable swing and excessive impact on the crane.
To sum up, our certified technicians use these terms in combination to indicate why a bridge crane can have a specific issue. Remember that Crane Tech Services provides excellent service! Don’t forget that by keeping up to date on your inspections on a yearly basis, the safety is improved, and the repair costs are reduced by catching problems quickly! At Crane Tech Services we save you money. If you are in the Barrie, Newmarket, Huntsville, Peterborough and Toronto areas give us a call. We inspect cranes, auto hoists, elevating lift platforms, drywall cranes to name but a few. Remember that the Crane Tech Inspection team can conveniently inspect all of your lifting equipment at the same time. One call for all of your lifting equipment! Crane Tech Services inspects and maintains your Hoist Lifting Equipment. Call us today, see us on Instagram, and visit our website for more information. We know your equipment best!