Why we are called for tricky lifting problems?

Why we are called for tricky lifting problems? “Wow that was a lot of free advice” was a comment from my customer in Brampton Ontario last week, as we were driving to his factory. “I guess that’s why we call you for these tricky lifting problems”. The ideas are generally from the customer. Now comes […]

Being on the crusher deck at a gravel plant is not for everyone!

Being on the crusher deck at a gravel plant is not for everyone! It was a very interesting experience. These decks can be upwards of 50’ above the ground level! Imagine, in the cool fall weather too in Ontario and being outside. Safety is our main priority. When you have 10 Ton vibrating conveyors plus […]

Why are we highly recommended?

Why are we highly recommended? Let’s talk about why a potential new client said this to us last week. The Crane Tech was on site with them in Vaughan, Ontario, at their warehouse. We were discussing a safety issue they were having with one of their cranes, along with one of their employees using precaution […]

Crane Wheels

This week let’s chat about the importance of Crane Wheels.   The slip of an engineers pen. The specification made in error. And finally the error is transposed onto a drawing. These are all very easy mistakes to make, and it has happened in the past and continues to happen in todays’ crane installations.   […]

About Our Company

Let’s talk about our company and what can be expected from the Crane Tech Services team! At Crane Tech Services, our service and inspection teams are excellent! Our office team have already set the work into motion by filling in all of the insurance forms and compliance forms conforming to your companies standards. And since […]

We Engineer Specialized Lifting Devices

Did you know that Crane Tech Services engineers specialized lifting devices?! Well we do! Lately, we have been busy with several lifting engineering projects. From customers moving into bigger buildings, to very simple operator lifting requirements, we have developed a strong trust with our customers. Also, we have a rather large library of commonly used […]

Crane Safety Training

Crane Tech Services does more than just inspect and repair lifting devices, we also provide Crane Safety Training. In a busy fabrication shop with multiple workers, safety with the use of cranes is important. Every worker has pride in the work that they perform each and every day, so we ensure they are fully certified […]