Our Crane Safety Program

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Recently our crane safety program was submitted as a hazard assessment example to the Ministry Of Labour (MOL). By proving that one of our long standing customers in the Barrie area and Crane Tech went above and beyond to train workers. This company received a healthy discount on worker compensation fees because of the work we did with their safety program. We create custom safety programs for companies. We assess the safety needs of the team, including their crane safety, their pre-shift rigging equipment inspections and their ability to assess workplace hazards. This is by far the best safety program available in the Simcoe County area. The MOL was very impressed by this program. They even commented that for companies with high hazard lifting (chain slings, nylon slings and lever hoists) this is the program to have in your team. This crane safety program is called Q Matrix. This program creates documentation levels of every worker on your team including all those that work on the floor with your high hazard lifting equipment, those that work with cranes and all those that work with your safety equipment. We make sure the safety limitations and safety rules are strictly followed by the MOL of Ontario. When developing the program, we thought of all our clients in the Greater Toronto Areas (GTA’s) specific needs with safety. The plan protects Human Resources (HR), your foreman and all staff members through efficient documentation. The corporation that we service are protected through this crane safety program. The concept is simple. Each of your workers sign contracts and safety documentation. Each Q level has unique responsibilities. For our more hands on companies in Barrie,  we provide simple and effective instructions for their HR teams. Through this crane safety program we have found that safety use with cranes has improved. This is because of accountability. We have also found that safety incidents have been eliminated. Every single crane safety program we create is customized to the team and the company. This isn’t something out of a book that you buy. This is experience. If you desire to discuss this for your team call us today for a consultation. This process takes time to implement. But it works! Using Crane Tech keeps your workers safe.