Why are we highly recommended?

Safety Training Vaughan Ontario
Why are we highly recommended? Let’s talk about why a potential new client said this to us last week. The Crane Tech was on site with them in Vaughan, Ontario, at their warehouse. We were discussing a safety issue they were having with one of their cranes, along with one of their employees using precaution with this type of machinery too. She said to us “you are highly recommended”. We asked why of course. She responded with: You scheduled your service properly and when you got here you prepared. You showed up on the day and time you said you would. She then agreed to have us inspect her equipment and certify it. Which we did. She also mentioned, we offered them a choice of economy solutions to help make a decision as to equipment repair or replace options. Also something to note, we did do some training on the spot with their employee, making another commitment date to come back in and do more in-depth training with their team. She also mentioned to us that in the industry, she has heard great things about our service too. Which we are super grateful for. We take pride in our work and it’s important to us that your team is safe on site and using your equipment. Using Crane Tech keeps your workers safe. If you are in the Collingwood, Markham, Parry Sound and Vaughn areas give us a call. We inspect cranes, auto hoists, elevating lift platforms, bridge cranes to name but a few. Remember that the Crane Tech Inspection team can conveniently inspect all of your lifting equipment at the same time. One call for all of your lifting equipment! We know your equipment best!