Scheduling Inspections Is A Primary Service At Crane Tech

Scheduling inspections is a primary service at Crane Tech. A customer said to me the other day that he sees our “stickers” everywhere. How did that happen? He asked… It’s called scheduling. When our girls tell you we will be there on that day – bet on it that we are there. Our competitors aren’t […]

Why are we highly recommended?

Why are we highly recommended? Let’s talk about why a potential new client said this to us last week. The Crane Tech was on site with them in Vaughan, Ontario, at their warehouse. We were discussing a safety issue they were having with one of their cranes, along with one of their employees using precaution […]

Why has our safety training become so popular?

One of the main reasons is because we offer our local customers a unique approach. Crane Tech has developed specific modules for safety training in Ontario. These modules are interchangeable for different industries and public works departments. Also, unique for quarries throughout the Ontario towns that we service, including Barrie, Innisfil, General Toronto Area, Peterborough […]