The Importance of Battery Maintenance

Unexpected cold weather brings on challenges for the batteries of the Scissor Lift or Zoom Boom that you rely on each day, which brings the importance of battery maintenance to the forefront. Scissor lifts and Zoom Booms use lead acid due to cost and good performance. It also weighs more and helps balance the machine. […]

Why we are called for tricky lifting problems?

Why we are called for tricky lifting problems? “Wow that was a lot of free advice” was a comment from my customer in Brampton Ontario last week, as we were driving to his factory. “I guess that’s why we call you for these tricky lifting problems”. The ideas are generally from the customer. Now comes […]

Why has our safety training become so popular?

One of the main reasons is because we offer our local customers a unique approach. Crane Tech has developed specific modules for safety training in Ontario. These modules are interchangeable for different industries and public works departments. Also, unique for quarries throughout the Ontario towns that we service, including Barrie, Innisfil, General Toronto Area, Peterborough […]