Inspecting Lifting Equipment For Over Twenty Years

Crane Tech has been inspecting lifting equipment for over twenty years now. Equipment that passes an Annual Safety Inspection is properly maintained and in good working order. And when they have service issues/ need repairs, these can be scheduled around production to minimize downtime – we are all about keeping you moving. We recently had […]

Our Safety Training Services

Our safety training services really work well! Largely due to customer requirements, I am able to certify small to midsize cranes while also being able to train the operators on the same unit, that day. Through great teamwork at Crane Tech and great communication with our customers we are able to accomplish this. Our sales […]

Having A Safety Inspection Done And Getting A Pass

Our customers enjoy confidence that they are doing everything possible to maintain their equipment and operate safely. There is nothing like having a safety inspection done and getting a pass.   At Crane Tech, we are working right along with you and want your equipment to operate properly and safely. On our Safety Inspection Reports, […]

Did you know York Region Municipality is our customer?

Did you know York Region Municipality is our customer? When discussing our Inspection service with a municipality the other day, they mentioned how unique that Crane Tech really is. Not only do we inspect lifting devices but we also repair them. Also, Crane Tech will engineer a lifting device if you cannot find it in […]

Everything you want to know about Zoom Booms

I thought it would be a great thing for us to discuss Zoom Booms today in more detail. They are used for elevating workplace people, oftentimes to higher heights than scissor lifts can reach. Zooms are used a lot in construction of, high rises, condos, even taller structures that are still considered homes. They are […]

Everything you want to know about Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are a very common way for working at heights. This equipment has revolutionized convenience of installations and maintenance for all types of workers. Also too workers are much safer when using a scissor lift then the typical ladder device. Crane Tech has been certifying aerial lift platforms for many years, which we know […]

Aerial Work Platforms

We perform inspections and repairs on Aerial Work Platforms… here is some information you might like to know! 🙂 An aerial work platform can be a scissor lift or a zoom boom. Their characteristics can be notes as; they are very compact, they simply go up and down and they don’t reach. This equipment can […]