Aerial Work Platforms

aerial work platform
We perform inspections and repairs on Aerial Work Platforms… here is some information you might like to know! 🙂 An aerial work platform can be a scissor lift or a zoom boom. Their characteristics can be notes as; they are very compact, they simply go up and down and they don’t reach. This equipment can be used on the side of buildings, which you may have seen on the streets of Barrie, Ontario often. Also note that these platforms can be driven or non-driven. Which means they can manually be moved or electrically be moved, some have both. A really great asset using aerial work platforms is that they can be used in very tight confined locations. Some of the other great things about them is that they’re convenient and can be or used for doing construction work. I am sure you have seen them as you drive by the new construction sites in Simcoe County. They keep construction workers safe from any ladder work and prevent fall prevention. (which is a big thing we stress upon) In case you didn’t know this type of equipment requires a 10-year inspections on them. Crane Tech does inspect aerial platforms and performs repairs on them as well. These inspections include structural inspections and specialized units that help you to perform work safely. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages: Advantages of Aerial Work Platforms:
  • They replace ladders on job sites
  • They keep workers safer so they don’t have the risk of falling.
  • They can fit easily into confined spaces.
A Disadvantage of Aerial Work Platforms:
  • That the surface has to be very level for them to operate.
If you are looking to purchase an aerial lift for your worksite and want some advice, call our office. We would be happy to support you with this. We have a ton of knowledge working and inspecting this kind of equipment in the Simoce County area and GTA as well. Also note if you already have some on your worksite, make sure to check when they were last inspected. Safety is our main concern with using this type of equipment.