Did you know York Region Municipality is our customer?

Safety Inspections York Region
Did you know York Region Municipality is our customer? When discussing our Inspection service with a municipality the other day, they mentioned how unique that Crane Tech really is. Not only do we inspect lifting devices but we also repair them. Also, Crane Tech will engineer a lifting device if you cannot find it in a catalogue, for those in the region of course of Barrie and Toronto. Did you know that we have remounted lifting devices to new vehicles. This is one of the many services we provide our customers. It helps them save money, but also their lifting devices are of quality, so why not use them still. We load test them and provide training if required as well. We really believe that it’s important all team members that use the lifting equipment be properly trained. This includes cranes, booms, hoists, lifting platforms, etc. With all of our experience with lifting devices, our training gets to the point. Plus we want to keep your workers as safe as possible. Something else you might not know. We have seen constantly issues with lifting plows on dump truck vehicles in the fall. We have created a program to show mechanics how to lift these units safely and prevent the wear on them, for longer results. Let’s toot our own horn for a minute… The City of Kwartha Lakes says that we are very unique. York Region Municipality is our customer and they also say we are very unique. Both are our customers. Ready to call us for the best service for all of your lifting equipment inspection and safety needs? We can also provide competitive quotations for all of your rigging needs. At Crane Tech we save you money. Using Crane Tech keeps your workers safe. If you are in the Barrie, Newmarket, Huntsville, Peterborough and Toronto areas give us a call. We inspect cranes, auto hoists, elevating lift platforms, bridge cranes to name but a few. Remember that the Crane Tech Inspection team can conveniently inspect all of your lifting equipment at the same time. One call for all of your lifting equipment!