Everything you want to know about Zoom Booms

Zoom Boom Inspections
I thought it would be a great thing for us to discuss Zoom Booms today in more detail. They are used for elevating workplace people, oftentimes to higher heights than scissor lifts can reach. Zooms are used a lot in construction of, high rises, condos, even taller structures that are still considered homes. They are more difficult to operate and they have more features to them. Sometimes these traits make it a bit more difficult to inspect. They have features that try to override safety concerns from happening like overturns which creates a bit more difficultly for them to be inspected. This is one of the equipment that we inspect on an ongoing basis and a lot of our contracts with the City of Barrie, York Region have a lot of this type of equipment in their fleets. Here at Crane Tech we are very experienced at inspecting, operating and repairing zoom booms. We know what to look for in terms of operator safety and certification. We also look after what they call non-destructive testing or structural testing. This is done in the increments of ten year inspections and a five year inspection thereafter. One of the many advantages of using us,  is that we do a non-destructive test and an annual inspection at the same time to save you money. We have measurable that indicate all of that information for each and every machine so we don’t have to guess and neither do you. One of the other cool perks we offer is that we phone you or email you reminding you of when your regular annual inspections are due. Cool right?