4 Post Hoists

Crane Tech Services does annual inspections on automotive lifting devices. Our service give you piece of mind that your mechanic is safe underneath the hoist. More specifically, lets talk about the four post hoist (4 post hoist), which consists of 4 columns and 2 runways. This auto and truck lifting device is common to your local mechanic’s shop! This type of auto hoist lifts the vehicle to access the underside. They are often equipped with rolling jacks that will lift the vehicle off the ramps for removal of the wheels. Some examples of common brands are Rotary, Forward, Challenger, Mohawk, PKS, and Hydralift, just to name a few. Additionally, we have replaced power packs, cables, rolling jack parts, lifting cylinders. We have also replaced Safety Air Cylinders and safety pawls. This ensures your mechanic stays safe! Actually, Crane Tech Services has rebuilt rolling jacks, cylinders, as well as painted and repaired the jack frames. We also replace the treadle pumps and hoses. As a result, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars by repairing these units. Did you know that these four post hoists can come in load ranges as high as 50 Tons (100,000 Lbs.)!? You can find four post hoists in truck shops to lift large tractors or trailers, as well as works departments to lift snow plows and fire trucks. Municipality locations in all townships have these units in place. Remember that the Crane Tech Services Inspection team can conveniently inspect all of your lifting equipment at the same time. One call for all of your lifting equipment! Crane Tech inspects and maintains your Automotive Hoist Lifting Equipment. Call us today, see us on Instagram, and visit our website for more information. We know your equipment the best!