Automotive Hoists

Have you heard that Crane Tech Services inspects and repairs all types of Automotive Hoists!? Auto mechanics are the heroes we trust to keep our cars and trucks operating properly. Crane Tech Services helps to support mechanics by inspecting and repairing Automotive Hoists that lift these vehicles. There are actually so many types of Automotive […]

How to Expand your Lifting Equipment’s Life Span

Do you want to expand your lifting equipment’s life span? Crane Tech Services is here to give you some tips on how to do just that! Did you know that Crane inspections play a huge role to help extend your equipment’s life? Well they do! For example, when we inspect a Knuckle Boom, we often […]

Expansion of Services and Growth of Stock

Here at Crane Tech Services, we are proud to say that we have expanded our services and have grown our stock over the past several years! For example, Electric Chain Hoists is a particular area where we have grown and improved. This includes rentals, sales, repairs, etc. Over this past year, stocking these items & […]

Opening a Lifting Equipment Store Next Door to our Shop

Guess what! We are opening a lifting equipment store next door to our shop! … No really!? … YES really! We were already stocking parts and supplies for our ‘A+’ customers that use us regularly for their annual lifting device inspections,  equipment repairs and/or upgrades,  safety PPE, etc.! We now find ourselves with enough stock […]

Why Use a Superior Lubrication

Why use a superior lubrication for your boom trucks? Because the right lubricant for sliding sections is critical! Many of our customers in Barrie, invest between 350k and 485k on a good knuckle boom. So why let it ware out with a bad quality lubricant? Do you know there is actually a difference between lubricants? […]