Bridge Crane Repairs

Do you want to spend less money on Bridge Crane repairs? Crane Tech Services offers expert advice and service for your Bridge Cranes, so you don’t have to spend more money than absolutely necessary. We know how to take care of your equipment! This month has been heavy on Bridge Crane Repair Costs. But, how can you reduce these costs? As an example, one of our customers that has always been proactive and efficent with maintenance of their Overhead Cranes, our experts at Crane Tech Services provide a twice yearly service. We find that sending 2 of our technicians to the service is the best way of having very productive days! Our expert technicians, along with service advice from our engineer, do a check up. Next we lubricate all scheduled service points. We then check the overall performance. But most importantly of all, we clean all components of the crane. Because we understand your Bridge Cranes, we bring our Scissor to your site, open up the panels, and clean the equipment. Sensitive electrical components arc out due to dirt – often welding soot. This welding soot or dust is usually super charged with electrons that have an adverse effect on the panels. Here at Crane Tech Services, we offer expert advice and service for your Bridge Cranes so the equipment can last longer and continue to provide optimal use! We service Demag, R and M, R&M Cranes, Shawbox, CM, Kito, Budgit, and Vulcan to name a few. Call us at 705-734-0012 to book your yearly inspections and service and visit our website for more information about what we offer!