Demag Cranes

Did you know that we service all types of Demag Cranes! Our owner Dave has years and years of experience behind him, all across the Barrie, Newmarket, and Toronto area, so he knows best how tough Demag Cranes can be. When a Demag Overhead Bridge Crane is down for service, it usually means that it has performed very well, but has not been touched in years, so it just needs a bit of love and fine tuning! In fact, these Demag cranes are one of a handful of great Bridge Cranes. Undoubtedly, if you own a Demag Crane, what we’re saying probably sounds all too familiar. In fact, it is the one piece of equipment that never lets you down! Recently, we have serviced bridge brakes (Demag 10 Ton) and rebuilt a Trolley Motor (Demag 5 Ton). These cranes are in high volume industrial settings and overall we have been very impressed with their performance. Our next blog will specify some simple maintenance tips that you can do to reduce the risk of down time on your Bridge Crane. Did you know we service all types of Demag Cranes? Some of these include: Demag R and M, R&M Cranes, Shawbox, CM, Kito, Budgit, and Vulcan. Give us a call at 705-734-0012 for your equipment’s yearly inspections and service from your crane experts! Also visit our website for more information.