How to Expand your Lifting Equipment’s Life Span

Do you want to expand your lifting equipment’s life span? Crane Tech Services is here to give you some tips on how to do just that! Did you know that Crane inspections play a huge role to help extend your equipment’s life? Well they do! For example, when we inspect a Knuckle Boom, we often will repair the small issues before they become major ones, as sometimes the operators miss them. Our inspection reports are comprehensive, detailed, and outline even minor wear and tear issues that should be addressed in the near future. Our goal here is to always repair, so you don’t have to replace! Sadly with one local roofing company, this was found out the hard way. The slides were completely beat out, and the booms had to be welded due to wear at the apex. It was mess, and unfortunately, costly. This is a prime example of what can result from leaving your equipment inspection until it’s too late. Also, when we are asked to do major repairs, we touch up paint for our customers so that the repairs’ appearance is as minimal as possible! A local lumber company recently commented, “Our trucks get paint every 5 years”. Painting your crane is highly important and helps extend its life – and equipment prices are not going down, in fact they are going up so the last thing you want to do is have to replace the machine. Use Crane Tech Services of Simcoe County for all of your Knuckle Boom Crane inspections. We specialize in inspections and repairs for all types of lifting equipment. We are THE lifting equipment specialists. Call us today!