Expansion of Services and Growth of Stock

Here at Crane Tech Services, we are proud to say that we have expanded our services and have grown our stock over the past several years! For example, Electric Chain Hoists is a particular area where we have grown and improved. This includes rentals, sales, repairs, etc. Over this past year, stocking these items & parts for the repairs has especially been an focus. If you need a 1/2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist we have them. If you need 1 Ton Chainfall we have them. If you need a 1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist paired with Motorized Trolley, we have those too! We also stock many Kito and Demag parts, as well as virtually every safety catch size known to man! Also, complimenting this lifting device & parts expansion, we are stocking Polyester slings & straps of all sizes! We have chain slings, wire rope slings, and chain mesh slings as well! We have many different styles available. Do you need a strange Trolley Wheel for your 1952 Canadian Monorail? Or a Yoke for those wheels? Chances are we have that too! Crane Tech has continued to invest in repair technology – we repair what we inspect and only replace when absolutely necessary. We have also invested in electrical repair proficiency. Our electrical repair service is recommended by many of the top electrical plant facilities in our area. Our sales team will help you with all of your Lifting Equipment needs, give us a call and see if we can help suit your need!