Cranes that are Mounted to Trucks

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In this blog I talk about the many types of cranes that are mounted to trucks. These units are used for transporting building materials and lumber. I also want to talk about other types of machines and equipment you can find on construction sites, especially here in the Toronto General Area (GTA).

Drywall booms are used for lifting lumber and drywall from truck deck to worksite. They have a set of forks that rotate and tilt. Many of these booms will lift several stories high. Often these cranes are used to lift shingles onto roofs too, you might have seen some in the Barrie area with all the new construction happening here.

Knuckle booms with hooks are used for rigging and lifting so many types of material. These units are used by millwrights and workers to lift all kinds of materials and machinery into and out of worksites.

Concrete booms are unique. They lift forming panels into and out of basements. These cranes have special profiles and long reach in order to pick cages . Often seen at subdivisions to move the cages and assist workers with setting up form work.

Telehandlers are an essential machine at worksites. They have telescopic booms with forks. Often they have outriggers to stabilize the machine. They are used to feed materials to construction workers at all kinds of heights and in all kinds of places at the site.

The hitchhiker is another way of offloading materials to sites. These unique machines are like forklifts that travel with the trucks. The driver can use this machine to offload and place lumber so that the contractor can access the piles.

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